Django Unchained fans only?

Django was the most badass creative movie made by Quinten. Its a simple country western, dealing with a simple man who was once a slave breaking down slavery by saving his wife. Anyways, by who great the movie was do you think they should make a Django Unchained video game as a surprise to fans.


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  • No I don't. Video games from movies have a tendency to degrade and ruin the movie. I think Django should be left as is and not leave us with a poor image because of a crappy game.
    No video game could possibly mimic everything about Django Unchained that made the movie so great.

    Movies to video games should only be from mediocre or crappy movies.

  • Django Unchained is definitely one of the greatest movies I've watched, and maybe the greatest of Tarantino's movies overall.

    I don't think they should ruin it with a video game though. The hateful 8 is coming out soon, so that's going to be somewhat similar to Django. Just wait for that.


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