Favourite sportsmen/women and their sports?

Who are you're favourite sportsmen/women and the sports they participate in. Mine are:

Didier Drogba - Football (soccer for americans)
Charles Woodson - American Football
Kimi Raikkonen - F1
Dustin Brown - Tennis
Carmelo Anthony - Basketball
Chris Eubank Jr - Boxing


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  • Dana linn Bailey physique model (used to b)
    Larissa reis <3 fitness model

    • Omg duh!!!
      Troy pollamolu (football)

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    • Would have been good to see him for a few more seasons, as he is only 34. Especially considering Woodson is 39 and still playing, but the 12 years obviously took a toll on his body.

    • I love Larissa!

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  • None of the above.

    Ronda Rousey MMA Favorite girl

    Favorite football team USA NFL Miami Dolphins

    Favorite College Football team USA Miami Hurricanes

    Favorite basketball team College USA Miami Hurricanes

    Favorite Pro Basketball team USA NBA Miami Heat

    Favorite baseball team College USA Miami Hurricanes

    Favories MLB Baseball team USA Miami Marlins

    Favorite Nascar car stock car driver USA Jimmy Johnson

    • Just a little theme of Miami there

    • The City Is Rich In Tradition with Its sports teams, many have been National and world Champions many back to back years in a row

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  • They are both retired and I doubt anyone outside UK/Ireland would recognise them but these are my sporting heroes
    AP McCoy - Jockey
    Roy Keane - Football/soccer

  • My favorite person to ever be in sports was Ed Farhat, a heavyweight professional wrestler. He was the pioneer of the "hardcore" wrestling match. He would stab people with pencils and throw fire in people's faces.

  • Im a Vivaldi fan.


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