Any funny quests in Fallout 4?

I'm a day into the game and have explored half the map, but I have a few issues. Firstly I haven't seen a funny quest yet. I remember Fallout New Vegas had a lot of funny dialogue and quests. A lot of funny characters and quests like the Ant-man vs the Mecha man or something along with crazy sounding characters and I remember another quest where you could choose to sabotage spaceships that looked like toys for a crazy cult and kill them all and the quest was made even really funny sounding. But all the NPC's in F4 are so NORMAL. Do you think there should've been some more fun to the NPC's and quests? That's my main issue a. t. m. Secondly, there appears to be large large stretches of land where I didn't encounter any enemy. Perhaps this is not a bad thing; one thing I do know is maybe they could've included some more interesting exotic looking enemies. There are an awful lot of mutated dogs though. Do you think F4 could've had some more diverse enemies?


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  • I want this game so bad...

    I'm sorry I don't have anything to really offer you in terms of information but ugh... 😩


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  • Whats fallout 4? lol


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  • Do you like it? I can't play it until the weekend.

    • The detail in the game is great and the graphics are great. If u don't like them u can get a graphics mod so no issue with graphics. Lots of crafting options. There are sarcastic responses to conversations. ... I don't know about the companions. I think there could be some more creative improvements - their dialogues are well enough. Perks are good but selection screen is a bit clunky and slow; a mod can fix that. The map is smaller than other fallout games but there's a lot lot more detail. However the map IS smaller and is actually not an even square. It's more blob shaped. It feels smaller. As for weird quirky funny quests I haven't come across any yet, :(

      I've only been adventuring so far and have completed maybe 10% of the quest - so I can't comment on questing and only open world adventure.

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