How do I not care what people think of me?

I am going to this event soon and I am worried the people there last year will remember my face and whisper and laugh as I made a fool out of myself last time. I just want to enjoy it and not let any humans ruin the event for me. So basically how do I not care what people think of me?
These people who may remember me are just strangers by the way but it will still ruin the event if they make fun of me


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  • They only know a moment of your life and judge you accordingly, but don't even know you

    fuck them and their opinions. disregard them, they don't even know you.

    and besides, we as people learn from our mistakes. Anyone with a brain would know this and wouldn't tear you down for your error but would try to help you.

    Are you going with anyone? A friend? Do they know of this? Just tune them out and act natural. If you're going alone, then doubly prepare yourself for hecklers.

    • I am going with friends. I don't care what they think, more that they will whisper and laugh and then ruin something which should be great for me. Any advice on how to not let it be ruined? Thanks

    • I am talking about the strangers not my friends by the way

    • It won't be ruined if you're with friends and your friends will definitely look out for you. Just tell your friends what's up ahead of time so they can help you for sure have a good time.

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  • I think you should wear your sunglasses and walk in with confidence. If anyone dares to say anything remember they made big ASS mistakes as well!

    • sunglasses for disguise lol? I am thinking they will probably not remember me but there is still a chance which makes me not want to go. But I am frustrated how I really wanted to go

    • lol Yeah sunglasses make you look powerful! JUST GO HAVE FUN!

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  • Oh god. That will be much work for you.
    You need to get some sort of distance towards yourself. Don't regret your actions and accept what has happened. Take it with humor and be able to laugh about yourself.

  • Remind yourself they are strangers and who knows after a year they might have forgotten.


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