Imagine a change in the world?

Help a sister out! My design assignment is killing me. The instructor asked us to imagine a little change in the world ("don't imagine if there is no oxygen or gravity because that shit is boring" thats what she said..) with problems and sub problems, then create a solution, make your solution a product with paper and cardboard.

EXAMPLE: Imagine if the wind goes upward.. (that's a change) There are certain clothes we shouldn't wear (thats an example of the problem) we're gonna create something that keeps our skirts down inside our clothes (weak solution example)

EXAMPLE 2: Imagine if the plants grew the other way around.. (change) the routs will grow long (problem) they will cover houses (sub problem) it will be hard to get natural light source (sub sub problem) et cetera..

I thought of this but I can't find a solution.. Imagine if the earth was not rounded, it was a horizon. (change) the roads will be straight, there will be no turns (problem) can't find sub problems or solutions but I really like the idea..

If you can help with that change that would be PERFECT! feel free to include any scenarios you came up with, please include problems and solutions. (the final product must not look something any familiar to them in the world)

I KNOW BS. I'm so tired of thinking please help yo sista out! I'll thumbs up y'all and vote MHO!



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  • So something like "imagine if humans were cold-blooded instead of warm-blooded"?

    Our clothing and bedding all pretty much function based on the fact that we generate internal body heat, which can then be used to heat small pockets of air trapped around us to keep us feeling warm. We use us to warm ourselves, basically. But if we were cold-blooded, that wouldn't work. Gloves wouldn't be trapping heat generated from our hands, we wouldn't be generating that heat.

    With bedding, there are already some products that would work, so it may not be the avenue to explore (electric blankets would help, for example, or heated water beds). But clothing doesn't really have anything that would help us. It would need to all be redesigned to handle either hot or cold temperatures.

    It would need some sort of power source, probably a battery. It would need to still be safe, it would need to be able to handle rain without electrocuting the user. It couldn't be too bulky. If it was colder than desired body temperature it would need to heat the user up. It was was warmer than functional body temperature it would need to cool the user down (which would be a bigger problem... you would probably need stuff like radiator fins in that case).

    It would definitely take some design thought. Could be cool though.


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    • I seriously never depend on the internet I only use help and ideas. But this is one that I just can not dismiss. I am using this. The thing is, this project is based on pure creativity, we're all competing against each other and THIS is going to give me an A+ I am 100% certain. Thank you so much, I hope you find help whenever you need and do well. Thanks again so much, you saved my mid term assignment!

    • You are very welcome :)

  • Create a socioeconomic change, design the world around it.

    • I have myself a project like that based on design, but rooted in development.

    • Should you wish to utilize my concepts, we can talk, and I can help you with this project, through my perspective.

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