GAGers: What's a song by a singer or group, who aren't exactly loved by everyone, that you actually like?

For me, it's "Far Away" by Nickelback.

The singer or group doesn't have to be one that isn't loved by everyone or most people, it can be a singer or group that you personally do not like.


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  • I secretly like "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus.

    • D:

      I can see why you posted this anonymously lol

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    • @lace1228 You kinda just did right now ;P

    • Oh carp lol

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  • kanye is probably the only 1 i have that people hate and/or don't like, but it's old kanye (like jesus walks, gold digger, stronger, American boy, amazing, power, etc) so it was when he was shitting #1s and before he sold the rest of his soul to the she-bitch.

    • I personally love Kanye's music (can't say the same about his personality), at least up until his 808s & Heartbreak album.

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    • Yessss, and I know :/ Kanye was always cocky, but he wasn't obnoxious about it and he would always back up what he says with his music. But like ever since his mom died and he married Kim, he went from cocky but lovable to straight up asshole.

    • it isn't the 1st time they have ruined lives... that;s to you james harden (actually from based god curse), kris humphries and lamar odom (too soon?).

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