NOW we have to PAY for SNAPCHAT filters?

Not only do we have to pay for Snapchat filters now but they had recently changed their terms and conditions making it possible for them to use our photos as they please yet the bugs Snapchat has still haven't been fixed? Is Snapchat going to shit? Do agree with these new changes?
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  • I just hope it fucking dies soon.
    I had a Snapchat for a week and got rid of it. I never have anything interesting to take a picture of. And for some fuckin reason people use it to have conversations.

    Imagine sending a picture message with every text when you text someone. That's how stupid Snapchat feels to me.

    But while I don't want to download it, I feel like I'm missing out because everyone always asks if I have one.
    I just don't wanna have to create ANOTHER form of social media and then spend time adding people.

  • This was expected though. This is how business works. Make everything free initially, get users hooked on to it, then start charging for it. Sigh.

  • Yes. Yes you do. Like 99 cents for those special filters.

  • well they've gotta make money somehow.

  • A business's job is to find ways to make money.


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