Most Played Song/Music On Your iTunes?

Lets hear these shame lists haha.
My Top 5:

1. 6,223. Time bomb - Feint & Boyinaband
2. 4,592. Seeking - Otso
3. 4,378. Welcome To The C4 - Kendrick Lamar
4. 3,450. Before I Forget - Slipknot
5. 3,412. Still D. R. E - Dr. Dre


Most Helpful Girl

  • Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin
    The Eagles - One Day at a Time
    Hozier - Work Song
    The Black Crowes - Hard to Handle
    Charlie Worsham - Could It Be

    • Thanks for MH :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Who the fuck uses iTunes?
    From Spotify and some from my music player app (lastfm scrobbled):

    -Feed Me "Death by Robot"
    -Slipknot "My Plague", "Disasterpiece", "Left Behind"
    -Queen "Great King Rat
    -Alestorm "Walk the Plank", "Drink"
    -Nirvana "Mr Mustache"

    That's pretty much just from the last year or so. I wish I could've kept track from my first iPod 9 years ago.


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  • Damn man you should have bumped this cause I would have loved to see more responses. :)

    My most played (on Winamp, which is how I normally rock):

    1. Pinking by Martin Gore
    2. Oh My Gosh by Basement Jaxx with Vula Malinga
    3. Gold by Spandau Ballet
    4. Academic by New Order
    5. Don't Go (Live from Reconnected) by Yazoo

    But those are beneath the real top five, which are all instrumental pieces I play for my son before he goes to sleep, all recorded by William Wilde Zeitler. :)

    • Haha good ole Winamp.

  • Don't use iTunes, it's like a turtle strapped with dumbbells


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