Art concentration ideas?

I'm a AP drawing art student and i have to make a concentration (which is 12 artworks that are conected to each other somehow and shows who i am as an artist). I had an idea but my teacher was afraid that it would look 2D instead of drawing. Any suggestions of what i can do?


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  • It should be something you feel strongly about, or something that's always meant something to you.

    What were you going to do that you won't now?

    • Im Mexican, and i was going to do, people that represent each state (inspired by Mexico Bencitenario), or make a story line of a legend about the mountains (popocateplt and iztachiault) since I'm from Puebla that story is known because u can see those mountains from the distance. But ny teacher said that i she doesn't think i can do it because i don't have references pictures to based myself on.

      I want to do something that enhance my Mexican or Hispanic culture, or stuff i like which is traveling, music, clothing, and animals.

    • I can never understand why a teacher would tell you not to try something because they think you will fail. Isn't the point of learning to expand what you are capable of? I'm sure you could find references online, and didn't you just say you can see the mountains? That's a reference. I mean it sounds like something you're into.

      Of course if you agree, or you think it just might be out of your skill level, (I'm not 100% sure I know what it is exactly you want to draw) you could do something else, would still be hard for someone else to suggest what you should do, since it's your art, an expression from yourself. I would maybe go out and around your culture to maybe find some inspiration, or look at other art for ideas.

    • U know if we have to draw realistic because im more of a semi-realistic person.

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