Will my singing voice sound the same once I get it back?

I know this might sound a dumb this is going to be hard for me to explain but when I was 11-12 years old I was in choir. But my second semester I got out of choir and choose dance. outside of school I never sang. When the summer came a only sang like a little bit until September when my friends forced me to sing a song that's when I knew how gorgeous my voice was then like a few weeks later I all of a sudden loss it I think it was because I was our of choir. Now I'm 16 years old and I'm finally in choir singing even though this is my third month in choir and I been seeing just a little improvement not much. But I don't know if my singing voice will sound the same or not because of hormones but I barely noticed a change in my (talking) voice these last couple of years.


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  • Your voice may sound different because of puberty or whatever, but if you haven't noticed it in your speaking voice it shouldn't affect your singing voice as much. It's probably just out of practice. Getting back in choir and singing every day (or nearly every day) with proper technique and instruction will help get it back to the point it was at once. I'm 19 and I was heavily involved in music in high school and after a year of not doing anything musically in college, I blew out my voice one week into a summer musical production because I wasn't used to using my voice so much! It'll take time but you'll get there

  • I think it will


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