Anyone who has finished Inuyasha: When should I watch the movies?

I wish i would've watched the movies at the times they were made in the series, but I'm already past the point where the 1st and 2nd movies were supposed to be. I am currently on episode 137. As of right now i have three options:

1. Watch the movies now.
2. Watch the movies after I've finished the original series but before i start The Final Act.
3. Watch the movies after i finish The Final Act.
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  • go for it, the movies aren't at all relevant to the plot, but it might be easier to remember what was going on when they take place in the story line if you do it now. it also depends on how eager you are about getting through the series.


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  • Whichever order they came out chronilogically

    • Unfortunately its too late for that. I'm already past the point for the first two movies.

  • I wish i finished it but i haven't even started.

    • Oh you should! Its by far my favorite anime so far! Its my life 😍

      In fact I'm so sad that I'm almost done! I only have 30 episodes left of the original series, the 26 episodes of The Final Act, and the 4 movies.

      If you want i could give you a summary, to see if you are interested in watching it :)

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    • The only one you listed that I've actually heard of is romeo x juliet 😂

    • yeah i am really girly!

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