So was the big Saturday fight with Ronda and Holly fixed?

Ronda was not fighting with her usual skills but with too much aggretion. Dana White said the remach will most likely take place in the new arena being built in Los Vegas. He commented that the arena called the MGM arena will be finished in July 2016 and the fist fighters to set foot on opening night would prabably be, you guessed it Holly and Ronda's rematch. If for many chance Randa was offfered triple or amybe more just to take the fall i think she would take the money, really, it's one of those win, win moments. The rematch will prabably be as big as the Mayweather and paccia fight, not to mention the money this fight will bring to UFC and the fighters.
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  • I do mma and know a little bit about what UFC had planned and I can guarantee you it was not a fixed fight. Ronda was fighting exactly with her usual skills, believe it or not but Rondas boxing is pretty atrocious, and she has never faced anyone even close to Holly Holm in terms of striking. Here's proof just how bad her boxing is.

    Holly Holm did an excellent job defending Rondas takedown/throw attempts and was only taken down once, and even then managed to get her arm out of Rondas attempted arm bar. And she just completely out classed Ronda and had the perfect game plan, while Ronda and her corner thought he could just walk all over Holly.

    Now about what UFC had planned, if you look at Holly Holms last two fights, they were completely underwhelming and when Dana made the fight Holly was practically "sacrificed" to Ronda to be another big name on her record. Before that Ronda was planned to fight Miesha Tate for the third time, and Miesha is the only woman who people considered to be a challenge to Rousey, so Dana give her Holm instead because of UFC's future plans. There is a famous brazilian fighter called Cristiane 'Cyborg' Justino who was already planned to fight Ronda after she beat Holly Holm, Cyborg is the current featherweight champion at Invicta FC and a fight between her and Ronda was going to be a superfight at UFC 200, and by far the most marketable fight of Rouseys career, thats why Ronda was given Holm instead of on paper more dangerous fighter Miesha Tate. Holly Holm just surprised everyone and masterfully exploited all the weaknesses in Rondas game to get the victory. You could see in post fight interviews that Dana was clearly a little bit annoyed/frustrated about Holly winning, because it screwed up their plans.

  • I don't think so. Rousey overestimated her abilities, thought that she could outbox a former world boxing champion, and that was a fatal error in judgment.

    • A point well taken but as stupid as she looked, she still has a trainer to guide her though. A good trainer would have told Ronda to stop rushing, stand your ground, wait for the high kick and block it and pick her up and drop her down. What i saw was an Animal/Ronda with no useful guide from her coach. Would you keep rushing a bully back in your school day if he kept punching you every time you get close or would you wait for him to strike first. i know i would wait, especially after a busted lip and bloody nose.

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