Have you hear J. K Rowling is writing a new book?

I just read about this today and it is so exciting! Did you know that she was writing children's books? Or that a Harry Potter play is coming out? This is all very exciting! Let me know your thoughts on the series and on Rowlings new endevour.


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  • I'm excited for all of these things!!! 😃


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  • I am addicted to all things Harry Potter.
    I am so excited!
    I just want all the illustrated books to come out first, so I can see all the amazing artwork and reread the books with more of a "storybook" feel (since thicker, bigger pages + pictures).

    But as soon as her new works come out I'll be super excited.
    I hope there will be electronic way to see the play. I'd rather read the script. I wonder if that will be made available. I don't like to watch plays, unfortunately, but I loooove to read.


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