What's your all-time favorite instrumental?

It could be a classical piece or by a modern band.

Mine would have to be Crystal Ann by Annhilator:

I remember first trying to learn the lead part on this when I was about six months into classical guitar. Took me another six months, haha.


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  • I love a lot of instrumental pieces, but probably my favorite is the first movement of Vivaldi's Winter:


    Other ones that are close to favorite are pieces by Satie, Debussy, Brahms, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saƫns... and probably some composers I forgot about XD

    In a non-classical way, Jazz Fusion is cool, like Marcus Miller and Herbie Hancock. Movie soundtrack composers like Hans Zimmer and Vangelis are great too. There's also some modern piano songs that are cool, like Yann Tiersen and Yiruma.

    • Sorry, modern piano COMPOSERS like Yann and Yiruma.

    • Very cool. Although I enjoy playing Chopin/Debussy/etc. on guitar, they always sound better on piano, haha. It's too bad so few composers ever wrote anything specifically for guitar.

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