Describe your current mood with a song or songs?

I had a shity day so it's a mix of these two

But usually it's a mix of

And this


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  • Wish you were here by Pink Floyd

    • That's deep. Ho are you wishing for?

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    • Thank you for letting me know the music carries on. I'm 31 and my youngest sister is your age, 20, she loves music and is an engineer. But she doesn't appreciate Pink Floyd. I wasn't alive during their recordings but I too appreciate it.

      Thanks for giving me hope that it will continue to live on!!!

    • @sjoes006 anytime! You take care darling -xx

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    It's 11:30 and I still feel hyper and energized as fuck, and only Bobby Ellsworth's shrieking voice can properly express it.

    • I just listened to this song. Overkill is sick. Finally some fucking metal!

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    • Oh my God how could I forget one of the best bassist of all time. I bet there all jamming in te afterlife. I'm thinking John Bonhams playing drums

    • And I bet Layne Staley is singing in his prime again. Rock and metal live on, through us and in us!

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