What's your favorite song now? How does music make you feel?

Man... I like different kinds of music. Some songs make me feel like getting in a fight and others I end up getting crunk. And when you start getting a new favorite song its like an adrenaline rush and get super happy. Some of my friends tell me they feel the same way, but some tell me music is just music. WBU


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  • Currently, my favorite song is "I Don't Belong To You" by KeKe Palmer. It reminds me of some guys who have fooled me, some keeping me on the side and telling me they want to be with me but took forever to break up with their girlfriend. I was such an idiot believing in them and waiting. You would think I should have realized what I was getting myself into, but when the guy is really nice to you and doesn't seem like a jerk it's easy to be fooled. Lesson learned: stick to single guys.


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  • I think right now my fav song is Can't sleep love

  • i like silence for now


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