Who are your top 10 greatest rappers of all time?

Billboard magazine released their list.

Who are your top 10 greatest rappers of all time?

Here's my list:

1. Nas
2. 2pac
3. Big L
4. Biggie
5. Andre 3000
6. GZA
7. Eminem
8. Jay Z
9. Rakim
10. Big Pun

And at 11 I would have Tony Starks, but no Lauren, K-Dot, or Weezy. And yeah I put the Maximillion over Shady and Jigga. This is my personal favorites list. I know it's not going to be most people's list.

What's your list?


Most Helpful Guy

  • krs-one
    immortal technique
    big daddy kane
    kool g rap
    ghostface killa
    big l

    • Hmm. S/o to KRS-One. Redman too. I like Redman. Not in my top 10, but he's a good one. Kool G Rap is too.

    • redman and g rap are your favorite rappers favorite rappers.

    • I don't know. G rap yeah.

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What Girls Said 3

  • 1 Rap
    2 Is
    3 Shit
    4 The
    5 Only
    6 Rapper
    7 That's
    8 Good
    9 Is
    10 Eminem

    • Eminem is shit.

      And you're blocked little girl. Go crush on a GAGer. Grown adults are discussing.

  • Listen to some real music please
    Rap isn't music, it's just talking

    • I agree :* Only immature people would block someone for not liking the same music as them. Thank you for agreeing as 4 guys and 1 girl do with me :D

    • Another little girl? All these little kids.

      I listen to that punk music too for your information and all they do is scream and yell. Not real music either. They also stole rock from black people just so you know.

    • I listen to Classical, soft rock, classic rock, punk, ambient, alt. rock, electronic, don't listen to heavy metal really anymore, garage rock, hip hop, R&B, etc. So don't come at me with that bullshit. Anyway blocked.

  • After reading through all of the comments it's very clear to me that you need a fucking hobby.

    • My hobbies are listening to music, working out, fucking girls, etc.

      I've asked questions about rock music and nobody was this hostile. It's clear we all have our things we get upset about. I've upset you many times lol. Where's your hobby?

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    • I don't have an active hobby right now, I haven't been interested in much lately. Hence why I'm on here all the time.

      But while I'm on here I'm also doing other things, I'm not always just strictly focusing on GaG.

    • What kind of music do you listen to? I wonder why people don't just like good music regardless of genre like me? Instead "Rap is shit" lol. "You should listen to real music". Bitter motha fuckas.

What Guys Said 6

  • Machine gun Kelly
    Whiz Khalifa
    Yelp wolf
    Mad child
    Dr dre
    Ice cube
    Immortal technique

    • MGK got a new album out. Have you heard that?

      Wiz to this day his best song to me is called "Taylor Gang."

      Catfish Billy. Yeah I like him. Heard "Love Story"?

      Mad Child. Okay. Yeah I heard his newest project. Came out a few months ago. I was surprised at how good it was.

      Em of course. Dre of course. Cube is on a lot of people's list. Nas of course. Technique is a good one time. I never got into his music like I should have though.

    • *Technique is a good one too.

  • The list is pretty solid, respect for recognizing Big Pun!

  • Eminem for me. I like a lot, if not all of his songs. every other rapper has one are two that I like. so I can't really give a top 10.

    • Not really a fan of rap?

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    • Sigh* I'm not trying to argue dude. nor am I trying to debate or convince you of anything and therefor, this conversation servers no purpose.

    • Yeah we're done.

  • andre nikatina

    • Don't think I've heard any of his music.

  • Uh, Easy E? Dr Dre? Ice Cube?

  • Eminem does rule, the rest of your list blows dudes in public restrooms for crack money!

    • -Said nobody

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    • Yeah, well sometimes you lose your cool. but i really dont wanna talk on here anyore, ever. So later!

    • Your spelling is bad for a man of your age, and you don't know who I am so you'll probably talk to me again. Bye.

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