Do you feel like the movies made Darth Sidious look weak?

I haven't read the novels, but from what little I've seen The Emperor looked powerful as fuck. Do you feel like in the movies he's seen as weaker than he really is?


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  • The movie mainly shows Darth Sidious as cunning politician, while Darth Vader do most of the work on the field, Darth Sidious considered as the most powerful Sith ever, but it's mostly an informed ability in the star wars movies.

    • Yeah exactly. Darth Sidious is the most powerful Sith ever. He has created entire worm holes that swallow entire fleets. He has caused agony on entire planets just by using the force. He tricked the entire republic and Jedi council with decades of planning. He literally became ruler of the entire galaxy. He has killed hundreds of Jedi and even beat Luke Skywalker and Jedi master Yoda (who also didn't know he was a sith lord). He's so powerful that he doesn't even need his lightsaber. He uses it to mock the Jedi.

    • Darth Sidious still needs an lightsaber if an Jedi can block is lighting with it like Mace Windu, even though the novels claim that Darth Sidious fake to be weaker then he is, so he would convince Anakin Skywalker to join the Dark Side with this trick, and yes Darth Sidious is far more stronger in the star wars comics then in the star wars movies, with this worm holes Ability. :)

    • He faked that. Mace Windu was powerful, but he's not more powerful than Sidious. That was just to piss off Anakin.

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  • The prequels made the entirety Star Wars look like shit.

    • Well I mean in the entire movie series. Not just the prequels.

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    • At the very least he shouldn't have jumped around like he probably would have in his youth. He should have simply smashed Dooku with massive ammounts of force. Like crush an entire ship (I have heard there were SW character who could do that). That would have been a good way for him to handle it. Instead they gave him a miniature sword and made him jump around.

    • That's true. I agree.

  • Any self respecting star wars nerd would know that force lightning is a power reserved only for powerful sith lords. Make no mistake, Darth sidious could kick all our asses guys. Except Darth Vader ofc.

    • Darth Sidious not only had force lightening but it's said that his is the most powerful.

    • Who do you think was a greater sith, Darth sidious or Exar Kun?

    • Sidious is the most powerful sith to ever live.

  • YESSSSS!!! He's WAY PUNKED DOWN! None of these movies have done justice to his TRULY AWESOME abilities as a Sith Lord! Star Wars--The Clone Wars... episode "The Lawless" did just a bit better showing his abilities as he dealt with Darth Maul and his brother as usurpers!!!


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