How's my voice?

Well, I was thinking of sharing this to my friends, and my crush 😉, but I'm not sure it's good enough... What do you all think? (My voice is the second one)
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Would you also tell me if I should send it, or keep it to myself?
Dang, it said I have to be a lvl 2 Xper post links 🙁


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  • where's the voice sample?

    • well you need 150 points to reach level 2, which isn't that far off
      if it's not urgent, maybe you can old off 'til then
      also, i'm not sure if level 1 can send links over PM, otherwise, i'd be willing to hear it over PM

    • Nope, I need to be a level 2 to pm 😅... Guess I'll make it there soon

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