Which one do you like/how do you think about these photography?

I like photography, and I just want to hear your opinions about these pictures:
1. Pink Flowers.
Which one do you like/how do you think about these photography?

2. Sunset from the car window (South Sulawesi, Indonesia)

3. Wave Mountain (it's in front of my house in Enrekang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia)

4. Rainbow on my fingers (and nail polish)

5. Kete Kesu, Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

6. Leaves

Dare to visit places Number 2, 3, and 5?
It's located in Indonesia, Southeast Asia.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • All these are nice. The rainbow one is by far the best, because it's the most unusual. (It would be better without the thumb. :) ) The rainbow pic is an indicator of an individual viewpoint and style, and of talent, rather than simply a pretty picture. :)

    Keep it up.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like the first one because it makes me feel relax !

    • thank you... :)

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    • oh... I want a canon! You know those really big cameras! I want one for my birthday so I can take good ones! lol I want make a scrap book so when I am old I can look at how young and somewhat pretty i was... lol its a good camera.

    • but it goes up to like 600

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  • Dying to go to toraja but haven't found the time yet😢

    • :( Why? But I am so sure you will have the time. :)
      And I recommend trying to not to sleep in the car during the journey because if you do, you will lose so many beautiful scenes. Also to keep Eucalyptus oil or any medicine in hand because in Enrekang the road is so curvy like Amazon River :D Even the 6th President of Indonesia looked so weak and dizzy after passing Enrekang when he went to Yogyakarta. :)

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    • Too many things to take care of in jkrt lol. Well maybe thats bc SBY is too old for long trips like that lol

    • Haha... but even me

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