Do you know of any books with asexual main characters?

I'd really like to read a novel/series that involves one of the main characters being asexual, without it being forgotten as soon as a love interest is introduced. I want to read about romance where sex is not wanted or needed--and where the sexless romantic relationship is not treated as wrong or weird.

Are there any books with asexual main characters? It is preferable that the either be out as such in the book or the author has clarified them to be rather than their asexuality just being a guess by the fans who chose to percive them as such, but I'd go for either.


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  • Well I guess you could count Katniss. It wasn't really confirmed though.


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  • The Hobbit. The concept of asexuality didn't exist when it was written, but it's very clear that Bilbo Baggins is asexual.

    • That right, but Arthas Menethil had kinda "sexless relationship" with Jaina Proudmoore, until their opposite ideologies was more important to them then their relationship, while Bilbo Baggins simple never had interest in any Female Hobbit, as far as I know. :)

  • Try Mein Kampf


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