Classical Guitar - The Path (Intro) - What do you think about it?

Here is something I created this afternoon. This intro is composed of 3 classical guitars.


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  • Very close to being a rip off of clocks by coldplay.

    • After listening to it I am finding similar in the way both are played. I find it amusing that they both sound somewhat similar in the method being played but sound different.

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    • That is what I thought when I listened to it. I said to myself it sounds like theirs is in major. My song is in minor. It is a different tuning as I tune my guitar to deviate from what's considered traditional.

    • Yeah I think people do that when they're writing because it sounds different and opens up new realms of possibility.

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  • It's fine to put it in the background. Relaxing. Thanks, going to save it somewhere.


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