Agree or Disagree: The UFC is the WWE of MMA in a sense that they're very popular among casual fans but are very stupid when it comes to?

their marketing skills of their athletes/superstars and their business decisions?

What I mean is overlooking talents yet they highly promote and over-market less deserving fighters/wrestlers.

For instance, the WWE has been shoving John Cena down our throats when wrestlers like CM Punk (until he finally quit the WWE for their bullcrap decisions and direction that they're heading) deserves all the main marketing while the UFC shoves Ronda Rousey down our throats when she just got her ass handed to her lopsidedly by the much more likeable and deserving champion Holly Holm, thus the UFC/Dana White being stupid enough to still waste all of their marketing money on their cash cow (Rousey) who didn't completely live up to her hype that they've given her for the past two years and they still don't even bother trying to congratulate Holm for her title win or acknowledge it. Now the UFC and Rousey fanboy/girls are trying to come up with more BS excuses on why Rousey recently got DOMINATED.
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  • You are aware that you are making business commentary on something you are saying isn't working, right? You are analyzing the marketing strategy that has successfully captivated you.


    Just sayin'

  • You're comparing apples and oranges. The wwe is fake and fueled by the personalities of their "athletes" not their fighting ability.

    The ufc, like boxing, always markets the current champ or big popular name. You said it yourself that rousey was a cash cow and since the ufc is a business, obviously they're going to market their popular stars who are a draw and get lots of pay per view subscribers. Lesser know fighters don't have the same draw.


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