Canelo vs. Cotto?

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  • Cotto comes out with a crafty game plan trying to use distance, pace and some footwork behind the jab to throw off Canelo. Freddy will have gotten this idea from the Floyd fight. After a couple rounds it will become apparent that Cotto is not Floyd and Canelo will descend on him.
    Cotto has never had a super crisp right hand and won't be able to drive Canelo back. Cotto starts backing up by round 3 or 4 and then Canelo stops him late or wins a decision

    • He fought brave, thanks for mho!

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    • haha yeah he drew some mean uppercuts too! GGG next 4 Canelo!

    • I'm not so sure about that one lol but I'm a canelo fan so im keeping my fingers crossed!

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  • I don't know what rhat is?


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