I Was a bit skeptical at first, but how AWESOME is Fallout 4?

I Was a bit skeptical at first, but how AWESOME is Fallout 4?
It has consumed my life.
  • 10/10 it's SPECIAL
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  • It's ok :/
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  • It's great but Fallout 3/NV was better
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  • I don't know i haven't played it.
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  • Doesn't matter the graphics are shit
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  • The game sucks because it's less Role playing and it's dumbed down.
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I've put 20hrs or so into it. I'm aiming for 200hrs+ hopefully by July next year I'm still playing it. I've been exploring, doing side missions, crafting, building, I'll finish the main story (i already know the endings) by 100hrs hopefully, trying to extend it as long as possible. :)


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  • What is it about this game that fan boys all over the internet won't shut up about it


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  • It's fucking incredible. My main complaint is the dumbed down dialogue system. If they had to make that sacrifice for the sakes of having a voiced protagonist than I'd prefer if they would've stayed with they silent main character

    • Yeah true, and it doesn't even matter most of time what you say.

    • Yeah everythings the same regardless of what you say. I wish they would've gone a bit more of the newnvegas rought with the chocies/dialogue

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  • It is awesome I only have one complaint I wish I was able to duel wield one handed weapons like knives and pistols or possibly mix and watch so I could have a sword and pistol

    • Duel wielding two machetes would be great or two super sledges when in power armor would be a force to reckon with.

  • I prefer more role playing in games...

  • I found it obsessively boring.

    • Occasionally yeah. To get anything done in these games, you have to play at least 2hrs a session.

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    • Run through a story with ever changing objectives under different pretexts.

    • That's story wise, game play wise you still have to go here kill this, collect this etc. It's just different context.

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