What is your favourite music genre?

My favourites are crunkcore and electronica (And I also have a soft spot for Disney music, musicals and film music) and I was just wondering because I always thought that most people just like either pop music or deathcore or metal rock (not against anyone who does like those genres, I just personally think that they're quite popular!). So yeah, what's your favourite music genre (s)?


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  • I don't know what crunkcore is, but it kinda makes me sad that it's a genre. Sorta like all the metal subgenres. Anyway, you asked favorite genre, mine is probably 90s rock. Grunge, the indie stuff from then, desert rock (Meat Puppets! <3) and then I like really old stuff. Like psychedelic rock to like 1940s country. Weird


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  • Country and old rock by far. Not the new shit that barely passes for country music (I hate it), the stuff from my childhood that was actually good. Like the stuff by Big and Rich and George Strait.


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