My Theory on the Scream Queen killer. Your thoughts?

Warning: this thread may contain spoilers pertaining to the most recent episodes of scream Queens. If you do not watch Scream Queens then do not comment.

I have been thinking a lot about who could be the killer. I do not think it is as obvious as they are making it seem.

My firsts suspect is Chanel #5. The first clue is in the first episode the girl in the bathtub looks a lot like Chanel # 5. Also nobody suspects # 5. There is no evidence. She also has that big argument with Boone (The male bathtub baby) when he wants to join the sorority. This might be because she thinks he could foul their plans. She is often quite and not noticed much. Nobody knows about her family. They have shown or had phone conversations with the other families. She talks about how stupid she is, but that might be a good cover ( who would suspect the dimwit right). She stands unnacused of the murders.

My second suspect is the burned girl. You know the one that got burned by the one who gonna burned by the rigged tanner. She is most likely still alive. The reason I think this is because the red devil never removes the mask. This could just be coincidence or it could be for a reason. The red devil will not even remove it in front of Gigi, or Boone. Sure it could be so we do not see the killer. But they could have done it in a way that we do not see. Just Gigi and/or Boone. She would also have a big motive. She wants revenge on the sorority. Maybe she wants to torture Chanel by killing everyone around her.

Third is Hester, but I think she is just crazy, and wants to be the new Chanel. Also her, and Chanel are at Chads place for Thanksgiving. This leaves little to no possibility as she would have to travel there.

Fourth is Grace, but this one is unlikely for me. It would be to obvious and so would the other girls. Plus they made it clear her mom was not the one in the bathtub. Her investigating could be a cover up. I do not think it is.


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  • I hope Grace isn't the killer. She is one of my favorite characters. I can't really decide who killer could be. I think it could be someone that we haven't seen before.

    • That probably would not go well. I mean what would the point of that? Also Dean munch knows how to fight. She had a chance to unmask them. Seems strange that she and other people would not think to do that.

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  • I like your theory about the burned girl. Not gonna lie I was secretly hoping it was Grace because it seems so unlikely or her father just because I like things to be not what I expected. It's so hard to say though.

  • Well the red devil tried to attack Chanel 5 so I don't think it's her. The burned girl is a possibility. I think it could be Hester though.

    • Hester freaked out when she saw those dead bodies.

    • In the haunted house? It might be because Chad was with her... Aaah why can't I know it already?

    • So the preview for the next episode eliminates all the Chanels, including Hester.

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