Is the struggle real for anyone else right now?

I just accidentally deleted all the save files to my main character in Fallout 4 while clearing all of the stupid fucking autosaves of my alt.

146 hours of game time logged; I had my hands on the Two Shot Hunting Rifle, and just modified it to.50 caliber with all the fixins.. liberated my 20th settlement and JUST started a purified water farm.

Lesson learned: Don't alt a raider.


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  • You need to be more careful. Are you playing on Steam?

    • Yeah I am; If you save my life right now I will upvote you for eternity I swear.

    • Well, there might be a way to unload some cloud files from Steam. Play around in the properties in your game library.

      You can also download undelete software to recover deleted files.

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  • The struggle is indeed real... I'm just grinding away trying to get my neon metallic-blue visor in Halo 5. 😭

    With the new Req system, it's luck-of-the-draw...

  • Damn, that sucks.
    Wait, are you on Steam? Isn't it backed up to the cloud? (ugh, hate that word)

    • I've read mixed things about it. People saying that if you delete the file in game, you're essentially fucked (which is what I did). Unless you have some voodoo information about accessing the cloud that I'm unaware of?

    • Damn, I would say close steam first, then close Fallout 4, so that it doesn't sync. Start steam, try the properties and try local files, verify local cache or something like that.
      Also, maybe you can contact steam and see if they do restores to previous points. It doesn't hurt to try.

  • Lol. I feel ya mate, I did something similar once. Don't worry, you'll get over it ;)

    • I might have to delete my save file in the game of real life if you know what I'm sayin'

    • Yeah? Well, not a good scene for you, is it?

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