How do you feel about Sony finally working on a PS2 emulation for the PS4 despite that?

they've been constantly saying all these years of the PS4 existance that the console will never have backwards compatibility for any previous gen-PS console games?

I think it's great that they're finally doing this for the PS4 because I'd defininately kill for having the features of playing many of my favorite PS2 games of my childhood such as GTA San Andreas, WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain, WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth, Rachet & Clank (the original ones), GTA Vice City, Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur III by simply just popping in my old PS2 hard copies of those games. So far, they've only comfirmed 12 titles of the PS2 that will be the first ones for backwards compatibility and Vice City is one of them. HOPEFULLY, it's a true backwards compatility feature that allows you to insert PS2 disc rather than just a crappy excuse for Sony to milk more money off of PS Now (since they're already do it with all the PS3 games).
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  • Eh it's not really that good but it would be cool to go back and play old games.

    • I'm just bringing this up since Sony still hasn't given us a Masterpiece PS4 exclusive game yet so I figured we might as well just be excited for the PS2 emulation if it's a true BC.

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  • That would be pretty awesome if they allowed you to pop in your discs. They've released some (like Vice City) on the PSN for download. It's not nearly as cool as it was back when PS2 was top technology

  • That would be great, there are lots of cool games on PS2


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