Italo-Disco battle: What's your favorite Italo-Disco artist (Round XXXIII)?

Winners round... and Gazebo from here...

  • Baltimora
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  • Nadia Cassini
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  • Fancy
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  • Gazebo
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  • Koto
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  • La Bionda
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  • Ken Laszlo
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Fancy won...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Gazebo, because I like Chopin is one of my favorite 80's songs <3
    This is a difficult choice cause I like Fancy too, as well as La Bionda...

    • indeed...

      I also liked "Masterpiece" and "Love In Your Eyes" by Gazebo... also da less known "Alcoholiday"...

    • Oh, yes, I like it too šŸ‘ :D šŸ‘

    • Thank you āœŒļø

Most Helpful Guy

  • If you like Italo Disco inspired music and listen to inde/electronica you should give Vega Intl. Night School by Neon Indian a try. Sweet sweet shit.

    • The dude is a fucking monster tbh.

    • i'm surprised in a good way to see an American being into Italo-Disco... :)

    • Some American's are into it and genres like it but it's mostly the underground electronic music crowd. Not the House, Trance typical mainstream EDM types. The people who listen to Italo-Disco over here are usually 80s/synth heads. I personally love Italo-Disco drum patterns and rhythms, very cool stuff.

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  • Fancy, hmm, Gazebo and Koto are great too, but I think Fancy is the best out of these artists...

    • i think i got it how yer fav list goes...

      Valerie Dore > Fancy > Gazebo > Savage..


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    • from yer poll choices in previous polls...

    • I thought so :P

  • Nadia Cassini... sure I like Gazebo, Fancy and La Bionda, but girls have the advantage :)

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