What do you think about the show empire and the characters?

Don't you think the characters are a little over dramatic at times? Like both the parents ( forget names ) fight one minute and want to cut each other throat then the next he just shows up out of the blue.
Or his new song " bang bang boom" garbage that suddenly 4 am he figures out what it's missing. A gun going click click in the song. Lmao. That's it !! Lmao. What garbage.
Then tnr songs the kid sings is like " omg that's it " amazing like OMG ! And the song is just crap. Lol
i think they wrote way to much unreal dramma.

Smashes the sign , " im cutting out my last name for now on im going by "
lmao. It was a good show. Now it's gone to the shits I think


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  • I love empire and yes I agree that the show that can be dramatic sometimes.

    • Yea totally. It's stupid dramatics lmso.
      It's not even close to how someone would be like in real life.
      And him , all gangster. Lmao.
      Like he's some amazing singer song writer? Bang bang bang. Lol

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