Are these headphones good?

most noise cancelling headphones are $100+


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  • Dude if you want great sound quality go with Sennheiser. I like the HD598's. I put them on and can't hear nothing. Plus it's around the ear which is much better thant he over the ear ones

    • I only use Sennheiser and AKG myself. Sennheiser makes the best phones I've ever used

    • @the_illest yeah bro, I never got why someone would care about the headphones at all to see brand or to pay over those cheap dollar store type till I tried Sennheisers, first ones that give you great deal, comfort and sound quality. Love their build quality too

    • Same here. I got some for recording/mixing and such. I was amazed at the sound these things make. I recommend them to everyone who wants quality headphones

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  • I can't say because I don't have them, but I can tell you that Phillips headphones never break and they're the best!
    I even washed them a week ago in the washing machine accidentally - work as great as always! o. O


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  • Those go on the ear. The more effective ones go over the ear (if you're looking for noise cancelling properties). Not sure what you're going to use them for but Sennheiser makes amazing headphones/earbuds that aren't too expensive. My studio monitoring headphones are Sennheiser but I also have these earbuds that are noise cancelling and sound awesome. https:// en-us. sennheiser. com/noise-cancelling-earbuds-headphones-cx-300-ii-precision? cvosrc=cse. google. noise-cancelling-earbuds-headphones-cx-300-ii-precision&cvo_campaign=&cvo_crid=90649439579&KPID=502737&gclid=COTwm67csskCFdgRgQodTQIKZA

  • I've heard the Sony ones are 2nd best to the Bose ones. You still supposedly get some static background noise, but if you play music it won't be noticeable. Even I've worn the $250 Bose ones and while they're good, after using them in a loud environment for a long period of time, I went back to cheap ear plugs.


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