If you died and had thirty days to haunt the living before you crossed over to that afterlife, who would you haunt?

You are not judged on your actions as a ghost.
You want to go full poltergeist, you can still go to the good place.
Me, I'd like to haunt random people on daytime talk shows.
drive them crazy on air


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  • Ooh love this question!
    ok. i'd haunt my rival in high school whom I fought over a boy with - I don't absolutely hate her, but I would love to give her a little scare.
    I'd haunt her for a few days, then move on to all the psycho terrorists, murderers, rapists in the world - as many as possible
    Lastly, I'd go haunt all the crappy singers and songwriters making all that money which should be going to my poor musician parents who couldn't even afford to put me in school. :)

    • Good response, but one thing,
      Psycho terrorists might interpret you as sign from god.
      You could haunt several terrorists though, Tim mcveigh and the Unibomber were agnostic.
      Although tim mcveigh is now dead and the unibomber is already bonkers

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  • I'll go to asylums and see which assholes workers treat the sick badly and make them think their going crazy


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  • I'd haunt everyone! There would be a huge spike in people getting sent to insane asylums by the time I'm done

  • I'd kill everyone I don't like, stalk people I do like and kill their enemies.

    lol afterlife. what is this, 2001?

  • I'd haunt some guy I used to work with. He was such an asshole.

    That and other things.


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