Is this a fast speed for the hoverboard?

The hoverboard I'm getting says it has the Maximum Speed of up to 6 MPH, is that fast?


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  • Oh yea i saw that on youtube. These pro skaters were using it but its really hard to ride and u can't really do any tricks lol. We are talking about the same one aren't we bc this one had to be ridden in a magnetic skate park bc it works on the same principle as maglev trains. But yea 6mph is kinda slow but i guess its alright for a hoverboard.


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  • No, my hover board hits 80mph and I got the cheap one.

    • ... non-virtual hoverboard...

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    • 1 pork belly, 3 chickens and 17 shiny beads, but my frequent token card got me a 10 shiny bead rebate.

    • I also got one off amazon, for about $400, but unfortunately it only goes about 6 mph.

  • According to a snail I talked to yesterday... that's pretty fast.


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