Why on earth are haters of anything popular so hypocritical?

I'll use Twilight haters as an example here. They say Twilight fans are annoying because they post and constantly rave about. Yet they post about how they hate it. It's just as annoying. Haters are hypocrites.

This also applies to anything else that is hated for its ongoing popularity such as Frozen, Justin Bieber, etc.

Note that Im not a fan of anything. Im just annoyed by the haters. Ironically, the haters bug me more than the fans do.

I'd just keep my mouth shut because i dont want to offend anyone if i said something wrong. I do find certain popular things annoying but I dont ever voice them out online.

Some of these haters would say to fans "If you're this easily butthurt/offended, then you would have a hard time in life".

So let me say this back to the haters. "If you're this easily annoyed, then you would have a hard time in life".

Thoughts on why such people are so hypocritical?


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  • It isn't hypocritical, just counterintuitive, but that's a lot of people.
    It's because we live in an era of empty opinions.

    • what does "counterintuitive" mean?

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    • oh i see. thanks for letting me know.
      I get that 95% of the haters of anything popular just call things 'overrated' because of its popularity rather than its content.
      I seen people who claim that they hate Twilight and Frozen so much yet they still bother to comment on topics related to them which I find really odd.
      Anyways, i'll give you the MHO when I have the ability to.

    • Glad to help.

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  • They're hipsters. They like to hate on anything popular just for the fun of it. Pay no attention to them. I like Frozen and Twilight tbh.

  • Castlevania > Twilight

    • doesn't answer my question

    • You're being hypocritical dude. You say "If you're this easily annoyed, then you would have a hard time in life"

      and also say "Im just annoyed by the haters"

    • I have nothing against Fanatics. Theyre like piranhas. If you dont touch their water, they won't hurt you. (In this case, if you dont insult what they like, they won't be rude to you).

      Haters on the other hand have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. They usually just hate on anything popular for no good reason. Not to mention that they are always rude.

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