Who should Mordeci end up with if Regular Show gets cancelled?

  • Margeret
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  • C. J
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  • Alone
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Margeret! OHHHH! HIGH FIVE for finding romance in cartoons! I thought i was the only one! hahah

    • I felt sad when flame princess dumped Finn. I even learned both songs from the episode incendium. But yeah I got teary eyed when Margaret left him in the restaurant. Or when he saw her having fun "moving on" when he went to return her sweater. Or they ended up kissing under the missoltoe and c. j ran away crying

    • haha... I just felt sad not crying hhaha

    • Lol I didn't cry still upset thought

Most Helpful Guy

  • Oh come on, Margaret and him were made for each other!

    • She left him though and he was so hurt. Although C. J is such a better girl friend for him. But he treats her like Margeret treats him

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    • Np Margeret is still s Bitch to mord

    • *audible gasp*

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  • Fuck Margaret wtf cj was perfect


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