Can anyone explain the end of Inception?

can anyone explain?
was he in reality or in limbo?


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  • There's no real way of answering this question. The ending is left up to each viewer's interpretation. Is he in a dream or is he in reality? It totally messes with your mind, for sure.


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  • which part, the one where the thing is spinning?

    i forgot what those are called

    • Was he in reality or in limbo?

    • some people think the directors left it open for interpretation, or for people to continue using their imagination, and some think he isn't in limbo anymore. the reason some people "know" he is not in limbo anymore is because every time Leo entered a dream, he was wearing his wedding ring, and when he wasn't in a dream, there was no wedding ring on his finger, the reason being, he was still married to Molly in the dream world. Now at the last scene, for just a split second of a glimpse, you can clearly see he has no ring on his wedding ring finger, and he spins his thing, it keeps spinning, but then it slightly tilts as if its losing momentum. What I think, is they left it like that for people to question, but the ones that really paid attention to every detail of the movie and watched it multiple times will notice the small detail of the wedding ring.

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