Hunger Games Vs Battle Royale?

Hunger Games Vs Battle Royale?

I've seen all the Hunger Games' films except the newest one. I'll watch it some time or another. I've seen the first Battle Royale. I know they made another one, but I don't wanna see. I just have a feeling it won't be as good as the first. It can't be. The first was perfect.

Anyway, vote for which one you like better and do you think The Hunger Games stole from Battle Royale? Note Battle Royale came way before The Hunger Games.

Here's my opinion: I like the story of both. In terms of story both are beautiful. Now granted I'm just talking films here as I haven't read the novels nor the manga. I think the story for Hunger Games is slightly better though. I mean mainly because it goes beyond the games themselves while Battle Royale doesn't. Plus it's a whole political thing behind it as opposed to just a nation trying to punish bad kids.

Now in terms of action Battle Royale blew this out the water. It's not even close lol. Not even a little bit. So much blood. So much killing. I mean people slaying left and right. The action was realistic. In Hunger Games the action is so PG. I know they were looking for a larger audience but I don't know I'm a sucker for the realism in Battle Royale.

Acting I think is rather equal. Everybody I think was at least decent. One thing that worries me with some Japanese films is how cheesy the acting usually is, but it wasn't cheesy at all here. They had heartfelt moments in this film too and I'm not going to lie I kinda got watery eyed a couple times. I think the realistic action makes it that much worst.

The interaction between the characters in Hunger Games isn’t as realistic. It’s almost like watching a superhero movie. I even like the love story between two characters better in Battle Royale. The Hunger Games version is like a cheesier version to me.

Hunger Games Vs Battle Royale?

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  • BR. It's a classic for a reason. The book is even better (get the tranlation done by the origional author). The sequel is okay, but a completly different concept and exceution.

    HG has all the tropes of YA fiction and while it's a passable book series its hardly anything special. The first film was downright bad though a shody cash in of a shoddy rip off book... couldn't bring myself to watch the rest.

    • Yeah I gotta read the book and manga. I will eventually. That's guaranteed. Since you've read them I wanna ask do they expand even more on the characters? I feel like they could only tell so much within the confines of the film.

      Yeah I don't think I want to see the sequel then.

      What's YA? Yeah I mean I don't know I'm kinda back and forth on wanting to see the last film. The first MockingJay film was okay, but I think it was worst than the first film. Seems like the series is getting progressively worst. Still I don't think it's totally bad. Maybe it's because of the concept. I enjoy the concept of Hunger Games more than Battle Royale. It's just everything else that it lacks. Though the characters are unique somewhat.

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    • Thanks for the MHO.

    • Welcome.

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  • I like them both, but Battle Royale would win if the cheese factor weren't so bad in some places. The main actors in Battle Royale were really good, but some of the lesser actors were over-the-top campy. It takes about eight rounds to actually kill somebody. The teacher at the end has an entire clip emptied into him, but gets back up, has no bullet holes or blood stains on him, sits down and eats a cookie. I'm thinking, "WTF is this?"

  • Hunger Games, all the way

    • Have you seen Battle Royale?

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    • Yeah I personally like Battle Royale better, but it's understandable if people like Hunger Games more. Check it out though man. You're going to love it either way. It's one of the best movies ever in my opinion.

    • Ok, I will, thanks for the info

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