Can someone please tell me what song this is?

It's a song by the weekend and my friend out it on and all I remember of it was in the beginning of the music video all you here is a girl crying then she shoots herself. and since that's all I remember of it I wanna know what it's about and why she do that


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  • False Alarm by The WEEKND

    If you read the lyrics you get a clearer picture

    Bathroom stalls for the powder nose (she loves)
    High heel shoes with the open toes (she loves)
    She's got a good time wrapped in gold (she loves)
    For you, for you
    All red dress with the devil eyes (she loves)
    So obsessed with the camera lights (she loves)
    You love her, but you can't deny (she loves)
    The truth, the truth

    She loves everybody
    Can't you tell by the signs?
    She loves everybody
    She gets off all the time
    It's a dark philosophy
    And it haunts her constantly
    It's a false alarm to me
    She's a false alarm

    So basically there is a girl he likes and its obvious by all the things she likes that she is basically an attention grabber or fame monster. She wants to be in the spotlight and be loved by all and the weekend isn't about that life. He likes his personal life toned down. He likes a bit of privacy and perhaps a girl who isn't too showy. The girl who got shot , could signal an end of something.. maybe a relationship. He is ending it by getting rid of her (shooting).


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