Does the do not disturb on iPhone , block calls an not let you know of a missed call?

So if I have it on do not disturb an only allow calls from saved contacts. Does this mean that someone whose not in my contacts can't call, or they can dial but it won't go through to me?

Is is that what do not disturb is? Do you have to have the icon at top of phone , for it to be in use. What happens when you call me if I have it on. It says will be silenced , but does that mean my phone just won't ring or I just won't know I ever had that call?

Thanks aha confused girl? 🙈Avoiding someone


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  • Your Phone app will always tell you who called and your voicemail will still work when you have Do Not Disturb turned on. But you won't get any notifications or noise. When it's turned on, a crescent moon will appear in your status bar.


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  • You have the option to set it up so only those that are on your favorites list will be able to ring you. Or you can set it to no one can ring you. Not sure if it will show as a missed call


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