Does this picture frustrate you at all?

I died inside. I just.. I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.
Does this picture frustrate you at all?wow.

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  • This is why girls like me have to hide the fact that I play games. The gamer chick "I'm such a nerd" movement has made it difficult to be a girl of average looks and genuinely enjoy games. Also if she had a brain she'd have an xbone.

    • I like you.

    • Where have you been all my life? Lol

      I'm a pretty down to earth guy and like girls that play games it's something to do on a rainy day but at the same time as much as I like games I lose interest pretty quickly and would rather do something constructive

      And I wouldn't say you're of average looks

    • The I'm a gamer nerd movement has fucked up a lot of people's perspective

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  • Joke's on her when she finds out you can't get Candy Crush for the Microsoft Playstation X4.


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