Who was your favorite housemate from your country’s Big Brother and from which season?


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  • I don't know how many seasons we had on Mexico but they all were a bunch of rude people. I was very little when that came out tho. I hardly remember what happened but my dad used to hate them all 😂
    Maybe eduardo videgaray could be my favorite, because I repeat, I was very little so I don't remember.
    He's now part of E!, the TV channel and I like him, he's very funny. He is on the Mexican version of "the soup" (la sopa)
    And he was also on the Mexican version of "wipe out" (resbalon)


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  • Nah, sorry. Haven't seen it :/


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  • Lol there's no BB in Latvia.
    Anyways, my all time faves are Zach Rance from BB US and Tim Dormer from BB Australia. Dan Gheesling was cool too.


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