Questions about books?

Has anyone read any books by Haruki Murakami? If so could you tell me if you liked the one/s you read? What is his writing like? Are the stories fulfilling? Also, could you reccomend me what you think is the best one (or which to read first)? I like the look of The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, but I can't really decide- there are plenty of other books by him.

Secondly- His Dark Materials. Are they suitable for a 16 year old reading at a reasonably high level (LotR, ASOIAF, etc.)? I've heard from some that it's not what it's cracked up to be, and the story is bland and pretentious... is this true? I really want to like it- the concept sounds really interesting, but I don't want to buy it and realise I don't like it. If those accusations are fake, then it's all good though :)

(obviously, before I dive into either of these, I'm reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms :) )

Thanks so much in advance :)

Could I possibly get a bit of help? :(
Help b0ss please I habe question


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  • yes i read some of his books he has a different style yet so good!


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