My Theist friends, if God Himself came before you and told you that God doesn't exist, would you believe Him?


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  • paradox


    • Did anyone tell you that you look like Gregory House aka Hugh Laurie?

    • SHIT...

      i fucking wish... i love House... dude has swag.

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  • I would need evidence that he was actually god. If he had evidence I would know that God is a liar but that he was real. If he had no evidence I would contact local hospitals to see if they were missing a patient.

    • He suddenly appears out of nowhere, he's floating in the air, his aura has golden light and you can touch him, then would you believe him?

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    • Well you have no proof that he isn't God right?
      That's what's your main argument towards atheists anyway :P

    • The default position is always skepticism. Belief is irrelevant, knowledge has a tangible effect on the world.

  • I'd tell him, "Shut the fuck up, Satan, and move, bitch, get out the way!!"

    • So you know God better than God himself... such modesty.

    • I know him better than most who claim they do. I've actually prayed and asked for forgiveness and help. I don't subscribe the crap most are pushing on these unsuspecting masses.
      In essence, I know him better than you.

    • So without even knowing me, without even knowing what I know about Him, you claim that you know more than me..

      Plus, you mention you asked for forgiveness, so you did something you have done things you weren't supposed to do. Well I guess, do wrong things and asking for forgiveness is just more CONVENIENT than not doing wrong things in the first place. Pretty neat deal, huh?

  • If someone stands in front of me and asks me something, they must exist, right?

    • What will you believe , your eyes or God's words?

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    • you are not ready to believe God's words but you are ready to believe the books that are supposedly written on his words? (Bible, Quran , Bhagvadgita etc etc)

  • Theist or not, this is a paradox with no answer, it denies itself from the beginning xD

  • The jedi mind trick does not work on me!!

  • That is actually a really really good question

    • There is a lot of scope for deeper and deeper interpretation, that's why?

    • Exactly. Because if you do believe in God, and that he is infallible, and he says that he does not exist, then really what do you do

    • Also suppose, if you don't believe him, then why would you believe the rest of the things he said in books which are not even directly said via his mouth.

  • God cannot lie, though.


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