How to kill the spicy away real quick?

If u guys ever happen to eat something so spicy. like u bite off the hottest chilli in the world and you want to get rid of that spice off your tongue REAL QUICK!!!
then i got a formula to get rid of that naughty spice off your tongue

I know people Drinking whole case of milk or dozens of icecream in your tongue to get rid of the spice but it dont help nothing unless u wait for 5-10mins. ur tongue will still be burning and u be breathing in and out hardly.

This formula is specially convinient for those who does Chilli Challenge#

Basically all u got to do is after u feel spicy just sip a little hot water to your tongue like twice or three times where u feel is spicy and u can either choose to spit it out or swallo it. your choice.
not boiling hot but just medium hot.
This will kill all the spicyness in your tongue in like 20 sec!!! No lies.

It may feel worse when the hot water is in your tongue but trust me its worth the risk because it takes off the spicyness off your tongue in 10 sec after u sip the water in ur tongue.
Spiciness attacks ur tongue and gives u pain and the hot water is like the painkiller.

I dare you to try it first then come back to comment on this.


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  • As somebody who grows Dorset Naga and Bhut Jolokia in a pot, this is really not a good idea. :p

    • Loooooool what you mean? this is actually a tips for them ok

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  • Take sugar and swish it in your mouth. It works for me.

    • never done that before. does it really work?

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    • Dyamnn, hahah i would love to try that next.
      That time i was having all chopped cucumber, lemon and chilli mixed together as a salad with little salt on top. It was so good but madddd spicy. Trust me. and i was searching for hot water Then i quickly drank a little in my tongue twice. it did made me tear up but then the feeling of being relief real quick me happy tears in my eyes. I am savage. i can fight off the chilli with the risk haha

    • what say? :P

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  • I'd think that just gets the capsaicin all around your face. It's not worse than drinking cola on it, though.

  • I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to try it.

    I could be wrong though.

    • I am just suggesting.
      If i was lying or chatting bull then i am pretty sure i could post this as a anonymous post right?

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    • behave kid !! smh bad manners. thats not how u talk to girls okay!

  • Or drink some milk, because that actually works.

    • Yeah it does work but then thats slow thing init. quick thing is risky and savage af haha

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