Anyone willing to try Heroes of the Storm and use my recruitment link?

Heroes of the storm is an online multiplayer battle arena (similar to a MOBA, brawler). It's really fun and addicting! It's a more casual approach to League of Legends. There isn't an item store or gold. Each hero is unique and has their own set of talents that you choose every few levels (that basically act like your items in other mobas).

It's had issues with its matchmaking, but they're being resolved in a December patch (plus, I just love to play coop anyways, but if you're into going against real people... the issues will be resolved very soon).

Anyways, this is for people that haven't played before... could you please use my recruitment link to sign up if you want to try it?

If you do, you get a free hero (Raynor) and a stim pack just for making an account through recruitment. And you have to get your account to level 10, once reached you will get another free hero (Sylvanus) and a portrait.

What do I get out of it? When I recruit 4 friends and they get their account to level 10, I get a portrait and a free mount (which I really want!)

So, if you have yet to try it, please do!

And if you are interested and get your account to level 10, could you please let me know so I know how much I need more to go?


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  • I'll try it, but I'm real bad at these sorts of games.

    • Playing with real people vs bots is always the best option for me because I get anxious going against real people, and I'm not the best player. If you like the heroes and the different maps coop is really fun!

      Thanks for trying, let me know if you make it to 10 please :)

    • Yeah, I played lol and dota before, but I can be real bad at it, sometimes I'm okay but so many people are such serious assholes and I don't usually care that much. I'll take another swing at it though.

    • lol and dota have some of the most toxic people I've ever seen.
      In coop you don't ever get made fun of for being bad. I've only seen one jerk in coop and he was really bad himself :P

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