Indians, Do you know noone watches bollywood movies except India?

Why do you think your bollywood stars worldwide famous. In western noone watches Indian stuffs.


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  • I'm an Indian, but I too don't watch Bollywood movies! They're usually crappy, downright sleazy, and pretty much unrealistic. Very few Bollywood movies are actually good these days.

    • Good? I don't know. I have never watched a bollywood movie. You stupid indians think other countries watch bollywood but we don't

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    • @Caramel_creme

      Actually, I think the asker is male, with a fake female profile. Girls usually don't troll like this, their ways are different! :P

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  • I landed outside India and one guy from Uzbekistan sang to me Bollywood song <3 and then the other. In a club an Armenian guy sang to be a bollywood but yea just to impress and make out. I think they watch it at many places.


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