What should I check while buying a guitar nylon strings?

Hi, I am thinking of buying a acoustic guitar with nylon. So, can someone please tell me what should I do? WillI be able to play like professional guitarists?


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  • Of course you will! It just takes practice, practice, practice...

    • I only get like 3 months in a year to practice. That is holidays.
      I actually have a violin but it is too hard to play for me. Will a guitar be any easy?

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    • Alright I think it works.

    • Thanks for MHG!!

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  • It seems you've done some research and decided on nylon for a reason. Mind why you want to use nylon over steel? Personally, I like steel over the classical for a lot of reasons.

    Just know you'll be tuning your guitar more often and the quality isn't as crisp as steel. There are acoustic guitars that are costumed for steel too, just know if your acoustic is built for nylon strings make sure you use nylons for them or you'll end up fuckin up your instrument. Once, you figure out the different sounds between Nylons versus steel

    Like one person here said, practice makes perfect. Just because you mastered your chords doesn't mean you mastered the piece. Always room for tweaks and styles that personalizes you.

    Haha... sorry I play in a band and used to play in clubs, bars, and parties... nothing pro-like... now its just a past time passion... so seeing a fellow enthusiast got me excited and wanted to exchange views and wondering why you prefer the classics.

  • You are already a professional... in your heart.


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