For whom who had watched DBz and Naruto, Which one you like more?

Which one you like more dbz (dragon ball series) or naruto series n why
Whose story is better,
  • Dragon Ball series
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  • Naruto Series
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  • I watched a fair bit of both in middle school and high school, but I didn't finish either of them.

    They both have the problem of dragging things on too long, but I enjoyed Naruto more. I found the character design and animation more well done, and there was a lot of variety to the characters. I don't really care for the main character a lot of the time, but the massive amount of interesting side characters was great, and a lot of focus was put on them. The plot was good, but there was a LOT of filler arcs and that got on my nerves. DBZ is good, but I just didn't find it as interesting. The fight scenes in Naruto are also reaaaallly good. They are all very strategic and different.

    Despite being irritating and childish at times, I liked Naruto better.


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  • I think Naruto had the better overall story, plus Naruto as well as Naruto Shippuden have actually made me cry a couple times while DBZ has never made me cry.

    • Episodes Around Jiraya's death 😭 really they were perfectly made

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    • Yes, You 're really a good viewer

    • Thank you :) Oh and I also cried when Naruto finally met his parents

  • I have not seen DB but I know of it. Naruto on the other hand is my thing. It's my fav.

  • I like Naruto better


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