Original Song - "Without You" - First time adding lyrics/vocals - What do you think?

I just completed a new song this week. I do not consider myself a singer and I do not practice at all. This is the first time I've actually tried to sing to an original song of mine. As I continue to sing my voice will get better.

I hope you all enjoy this rough piece I put together. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Updated version.


I changed the background guitar with vocals from the original and started from scratch with all the EQs. It still needs work but the vocals are clearer and less muddy.

What do you think?
I was able to improve the quality a lot in this version. Everything sounds clearer than the previous 2 versions.



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  • I listened to the song two and a half times to get a feel for it. I actually just got back from a band practice playing a similar style to this but with a full band set up so I think I can help.
    by the way, if it only seems I criticize, know that there were plenty of good things going for it. Truly. This is merely an attempt to help polish stuff in my musical opinion.

    I'll first start off with each instrument.
    Rhythm guitar: I like the pattern. I like the chords. It got a little repetitive though. It felt like it was pretty much the same flavor throughout. That goes for the overall feel of the song for all the instruments, not just rhythm. Did you apply EQ to this guitar? It seems like it is getting a TON of bass from it. It makes a lot of low end which contributed to muddiness.

    Lead guitar: The part itself I felt clashed with vocals. The problem was not the notes. The problem was the timing and rhythm of it. It played a completely different rhythm than vocals, and therefore there was a constant fight for lead. That led to muddiness with too many things going on at once. Also, it didn't come out very clear. I think it may have been too much reverb, I don't know. Did you run it through a bus in your DAW? Also did you EQ it to try and maybe raise the high/mids and less lows?
    Oh, and more harmonies would be cool. The harmonies you had were pretty awesome. The part at the end would be better if it were more complicated instead of just quarter notes. Even changing stuff to 8th notes every once in awhile would help it out a lot.

    Vocals: Singing needs some EQ. You had a lot of low in your voice. Led to an overall low sound. More muddiness then. The notes were a bit shakey-- almost like you had trouble holding them out. I feel you have the ability to hit them stronger if you projected more.
    The lyrics themselves were ok. I personally thought they were a bit straigtforward and could use a little more wordplay and poetic fun, but that's just my opinion.

    -- EQ? Lots of low end in this. Made it very muddy. Use some filters. EQ it all.
    -- Reverb made things muddy. Too much reverb perhaps? Try using buses in your DAW to make things more clear. Remember reverb takes away highs.
    -- Overall song was a bit... I don't want to say repetitive but... It could use some sort of change. It stays the same throughout.
    -- Make sure instruments contribute and don't fight too much against each other.
    -- A fade out would help, but I understand this was a rough piece.

    • I appreciate the amount of feedback you have given. I am trying to clean up the vocals somehow. It's not like a regular instrument I can clean up very easy. You are right though, if I project my voice more it would sound smoother. The lowness in my voice I believe was a result of me being as quiet as I was singing. I'll be playing around with projection and see how the quality is affected. I adjusted the EQ to be clear but again it may sound muddy because of the lowness I was singing. I did try some harmonies but decided not to include them. I do understand what you mean by leads fighting each other. Overtime as I get used to the song I'll add some variation to it because the progression does repeat. For now it's an idea I can build off of.

      I do appreciate the feedback you've given. Again, I am not a singer at all but I'm very much looking forward to improving this piece anyway I can.

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    • I really like it! It sounds cleaned up and the parts shine serperately. Good job.

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  • I can't hear you and i can't make put the lyrics the guitar is good but is buttons your voice

  • you play very well, beautiful song. however, it's hard to understand what you're saying :p

    • Yea it's something I am trying to clean up. It's the first time adding vocals so I have to play around with it to get it clear, but thanks for your feedback.

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  • Song was good overall. Technically accurate to the point of being a bit repetitive. Truthfully, most music nowadays is also repetitive, so you aren't singled out. Your singing was good.


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